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God Speaks

James Grayston

At TCF over the last two years all of the young people have been challenged to read our bibles more.  Last year the guys and girls started two separate Facebook group chats to challenge each other.  The idea was that we would all share in the same plan and that we would challenge each other as to how well we were doing.  Share verses and new things we were seeing.  This worked quite well until around the end of February.  We all sort of slowed down, falling behind. And then we posted less and less as we were guilty others were ahead of us.  Eventually by the end of March we weren’t posting in the group at all. The girls did better than the boys as usual but they too started to fade away.  I wonder if you can relate.  So many years we start off with great ideas.  But we rarely finish that way.

Well that was last year.  This year we thought we would start again.  Trying to encourage each other in what we are reading.  It’s not been as exciting as last year and didn’t boost off with the same enthusiasm.  But it seems to be lasting longer.  There is a wonderful sense of discovering new things when we just sit down and read our bibles for ourselves.  There is a joy in sharing one to one with our brothers and sisters things we have never seen before.  Now of course the bible is 3500-2000 years old.  These things have always been there.  But there is nothing like discovering them for yourself for the first time.  We believe that in fact the bible is a living book, like no other and that God can take things that have been there for thousands of years and speak directly to us today in 2018.  This is Gods book and things happen when we simply read it for ourselves.

So I thought that for the TCF blog that we as young people could share some new things we’ve seen in our readings over the next few weeks.  Hopefully these will encourage us to read the bible for ourselves.  When we do exciting things will happen because God begins to speak