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And now for the Good News!

James Grayston

Are you tired of doom, gloom and despondency?

Welcome to the Bible! You are close to the solution.

It may not be regarded by many as a trendy book, but it still has the answers to the big issues of life. The Bible teaches us about the gospel of Jesus Christ and has good news - in fact that is what the word ‘gospel’ means.

Perhaps you are thinking ‘I thought the Bible speaks about sin?’
Yes it does, but it gives the answer to the very problem it highlights.

Suppose a research scientist told the world he had found a cure for a dreaded disease. Would you say he was a pessimist for mentioning a major health problem? No, you would be delighted at his achievement, and even more so if you personally suffered from that particular condition.

So with the Bible and the gospel. We are all afflicted by sin and to hear that an answer has been found should surely be music to our ears!

What then is the answer to sin?  The Bible says that ‘Christ died for our sins’ (1 Corinthians 15 verse 3) and because of that, Jesus has paid the penalty for our sins.  Therefore, we can be forgiven and freed from the power and the penalty of sin. 

What should be our response? Just believe!

Is this too good to be true? It may appear that way for some, but when we are burdened by the guilt of our sin and searching for an answer it really is good news.

And it becomes powerful in our experience when we believe what God says. 

If you would like to read the Bible, why not log on to You could ask for the passage 1 Corinthians 15 as a starter.