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Written in Granite

James Grayston

Earlier this week I attended a funeral and as I was walking through the cemetery a thought struck me.

It was very apparent to me the sheer amount of money that had been spent on the grave stones. There was a vast array of styles, some admittedly quite modest examples but the majority were large extravagant affairs with photographs etched into the granite or intricately carved monuments to the deceased's hobbies or interests. It had enough thinking that here are all these people, they have passed from life into eternity and there has been a great effort and expense put into the writing of their name on a stone slab.

The use of stone is clearly a question of longevity. Were they made of wood or even some metals they would rot or rust away in just a short few years. Even so if you are to go a walk around some of the older graveyards in the locality you will be hard pressed to read some of the inscriptions that are no more than 100 years old in places. There is however somewhere you can have your name written that will never fade or decay.

In the book of Revelation (ch 3) there is a letter written to the church in Sardis. They have a reputation of being alive for God but in fact they are all show and no substance. There are however a few of their number who are alive for God. They are living for Christ and their names are written in The Book of Life. Later on in Revelation (ch 21:27),we are told of the new Heaven, the new Earth and the new Jerusalem. Only those whose names are written in the book of life will be able to enter. And if anyone's name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire (Revelation Ch 20:15).

Be sure therefore that your name is written in heaven before it is written in granite.