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Practical Christianity

James Grayston

I've recently been thinking about the practical aspects of being a Christian and how that sometimes our actions can do more good than our words could. 

I've been thinking about how, as Christians our aim is to be more like Jesus. Given that he is perfect that's a big ask for us! It's challenged me to think that in my day-to-day life, I should be noticeably to different to friends and colleagues. We should be prepared to go the extra mile to help others, to listen to someone who just needs someone to talk to and to be willing to help those who might not have anyone else to go to.

Although we're not directly telling people about the Lord Jesus - and how he died for the wrong things that we have so that we could be saved from an eternity in hell - I think that "preaching love" is just as effective. Hopefully by being loving and kind and patient with those around us, people will notice that we are different and enquire into why this is.

It was the song "Much" by Downhere that got me thinking about these things. I love the chorus which states;

"Little is much when God is in it and no-one can fathom the plans he holds."