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Christ is Here (Through the Prophets)

James Grayston

Last year on the blog here at Townhead Christian Fellowship we shared 24 carols. Each was from a different member of the fellowship, which each meant something to us and taught us something about the wonderful gospel story of Christmas, how God the Son became a human being that he might save us from sins and death and hell.  We shared a different one each day on the run up to Christmas.  Well, this year we thought we might just do the same again.  Of course, this time with a new batch of 24 carols.  So, come onto our website each day from now until Christmas Eve and hear a carol and learn something about the amazing love of God through the person of Jesus, whose birthday we are celebrating.

To start things of I thought I would pick this (sort of) carol; which is actually a song about John the Baptist.  It is by New Scottish Hymns who are a group of very talented song writers from Scotland who are writing new hymns and worship songs for the church to sing.  All their songs contain excellent lyrics which are grounded on good theology straight from the bible.

John the Baptist was born six months before the Lord Jesus (Luke 1).  God sent him as a prophet to prepare the way for the Lord Jesus (Isaiah 40vs3-5; Luke 3vs1-14).  As you listen to the words of the first verse I would ask you to imagine you are a Jew living in the year 5 or 6BC.  For hundreds of years your people, your nation, your whole family has been waiting for God to fulfill his promise and send the Messiah.  The promised Saviour will make an end to sin and guilt, he will offer Gods love and forgiveness.  No longer will men need to fear death and hell and judgement.  The human race can be saved and have eternal life and God has promised to start in your own country.  And yet as the years pass people lose hope.  They begin to doubt that God will ever keep his promise.  As you watch the world seems to grow more evil and your nation is invaded by enemy after enemy and the people suffer particularly the poorest in the land.  And yet God has been silent for four hundred years.

And then suddenly there is hope.  The chorus says, ‘Christ is near.’  The Messiah is just about to appear.  Imagine what this would mean.  This happened 2000 years ago.  Jesus came, he lived, he died, he rose from the dead and is now at Gods right hand.  He offers us forgiveness and eternal life in heaven if we would only turn away from our sins and trust in him.  This is the story of Christmas that we will be sharing for the next 24 days.  Listen to John through the Chorus, ‘Turn now and prepare your hearts, Christ is Here!  Christ is Here!’