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Bolivia Blog - Day 1

James Grayston

Here is the blog from our 1st full day in Trinidad.

We arrived here about 11am. We have been in transit for over 27 hours. I decided to try and stay awake all day to help get into the cycle of going to bed at night and sleep there. It was a day of fighting tiredness but I think it has helped. I slept the whole night with the exception of someone trying to call me at 3.30am this morning.

John, Alan and myself are staying with Craig and Amanda Cunningham who have been incredibly kind to accommodate us in their home over the next few days. Ruth is now settled in with the Pastor and his family. This will be her home over the next 2 months.

After lunch with Craig and Amanda we were given a tour of Trinidad by Craig. My first impressions is that it is a very large and busy town. Lots of motor bikes and crazy driving which results in a very high death rate from accidents. We visited the large cathedral which dominates the town square and ended our trip eating ice cream on a park bench at the end of a very hot day. We did walk past a couple on one of the benches and they were reading a bible together. This would have been my picture. If only we saw more of this in the UK.

We attended a prayer meeting with some of the church last night where we prayed in the main for the following;

1/ for commitment in the lives of believers in the church to their Lord and Saviour, 
2/ for the children's work in Trinidad, 
3/ for Europe and the fact that it is the only continent where the church is not growing and 
4/ for some of the problem areas in the world where it could and does cost you your life to stand up for Christ.

I personally was thrilled that we have travelled 6000 miles from the UK and we can still meet with believers in a prayer meeting just as I would in TCF in Stevenston. 

In my reading this morning I read of Hannah who brought a real problem which was impacting her life and after leaving it with her Lord in prayer she got up and was no longer upset. The bible tells me she ate well and was radiant. Shortly afterwards God answered her prayer. When you look at the things we were praying about maybe there is a lesson here?

We will spend most of our day getting a tour of Foundacion Totai so more of this tomorrow.

If your interested my reading was 1st Samuel 1-3 v21.