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New Life

James Grayston

What Easter means to me?

An interesting question and one that I recently posted on Facebook to get an understanding of what other friends were thinking. 

Answers ranged from the inevitable Cadbury creme eggs, (other brands being available of course :-)), to some of a more serious nature, with focus on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. 

The answer that I really connected with was from my friend Ruby from Greenock, who said that Easter is "the time when all nature shouts that New Life and rebirth is happening all around! Everything an echo of the resurrection of Our Lord!"

You see, Jesus died on the cross as a voluntary sacrifice, to satisfy the judgement that God (being Holy) must pour out on our sin. But that is only one part of the Easter story because just a few days later Jesus was raised from death to life and in His resurrection we have an absolute hope of everlasting life. 

Jesus said (as recorded in the Bible) that for those who have turned to Him for salvation, He has come "that they might have life, and have it to the full."

So for me Easter means new life, in all its fullness; starting with a true appreciation of Jesus' death and resurrection then to be enjoyed further as we see the beauty of God's creativity in His creation springing to life again as beautiful flowers emerge from their bulbs, buds appear on old shrubs and new lambs in the fields bring a smile to our faces.