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Bolivia Blog - Day 6

James Grayston

We had a fairly relaxing day in Cochabamba in comparison to the week we have just finished which was good.

We started the day meeting the church that Mario and Helen are part off. We had a lovely time remembering our Lord and Saviour on the first day of the week just as He commanded us to do. I've had the opportunity to meet with Christians this way in different parts of the world over the years. It never ceases to thrill me that despite all these individual churches having nothing to do with each other from a physical perspective that the meetings to take the bread and the wine are all very similar in format. There is no governing body arranging things or central office to coordinate arrangements. They are all independent with Jesus Christ as their head. People over the years have become Christians got together as churches, read their bibles and have arranged things in similar ways. Maybe it's just me but there is something thrilling and exciting about this.

There was a family service after the breaking of bread service and the hall was full by the time the meeting started. It was great to see many queuing up to get into the hall. It was a man from the states who was speaking and at least 1 person gave their life to The Lord.

We had a lovely lunch with Mario and Helen after the meeting. It was good to catch up with them and relax a bit. Helen over lunch talked about how God called her to Bolivia. What a wonderful God we have, where there is nothing left to chance and His call is clear. It was evident from her story that God's ask to come and serve in Bolivia was as fresh today as it was back in the 70's. 
All 3 of us had a wee bit of a siesta in the afternoon. It was good to let Mario and Helen have a rest as well.

We met up again for the evening meeting. The hall was full again as the company listened very well to God's Word being preached. All of the churches in Cochabamba have fellowship with each other and they came together to hear God's Word last night. Another thrill for me personally was to know that they are able to meet like this due to the fact that they all have the same Lord and Saviour. We could learn a great deal from this in the UK. Most of the barriers we seem to have are man made. We also got to hear Mario sing as well.

The 3 of us got back to the mission home about 10pm in the evening. Over some late night toast and discussion we even managed to find the United/City game on the telly with very excited Spanish commentary. Suffice to say we watched with the sound turned down.

Today we will have various meetings and a chance to see a wee bit of Cochabamba. Mario and Helen are going to give us a bit of a tour. I won't be posting a blog tomorrow as we travel to Argentina quite early. I'll sum up our Cochabamba trip on Wednesday morning.