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The Centre Point of History

James Grayston

I was asked to write a blog about what Easter means to me and I guess like most people that’s changed over the years.

For those who know me it won’t be a major surprise to know that Chocolate features pretty high on my early memories of Easter. We didn’t get as many eggs as children do now but I very much remember the excitement of rolling my egg downstairs and then diving down after it to carefully fold back the purple tinfoil and savour the unforgettable taste of thick milk chocolate and carpet fuzz.

Funnily enough as a family that went to Church every week we didn’t really make that much of Easter as an event. I think that was probably because the story of Easter was just so much part of everyday life. You see while for many the story of Easter is just that... a story.

For us it was what it really is: the centre point of history.

Jesus said on the Cross: “It is finished”. This year Easter falls at the end of the tax year. The word Jesus used is the same that was written on Greek tax bills. Finished!.. Paid!.. Done!.. No more to pay.

That is the message of Easter.

There is no more for you to pay. No good deeds, hard work, kind acts, self denial can pay for the wrong in our lives. If it could why would God have sent is only Son to die?

For God so loved the world that he gave is Only Son that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. John 3 v 16.