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Creator God

James Grayston

This short verse is based on Isaiah 40  verses 11 to 13. It is not meant to rhyme as it is in the genre of modern poetry where there is less emphasis on rhyme. It may be sung to the tune of Auld Lang Syne and indeed there is a New Year message here. As we start the new year, it is good to remind ourselves of the powerful Creator God whom we trust who is equally interested in us as individuals as well as the big picture of running the cosmos.

He will care for them, look after them,
As a shepherd with his sheep.
Will guide the ewes away from harm,
Hold the lambs with his own arm.

In the hollow of His mighty hand,
Protected by His love;
Near to His heart they are secure
In the hollow of His hand.

To measure sky or oceans vast,
His hand his only tool,
He weighs earth's soil and mountains tall,
With his strong and mighty hand.

In the hollow of His mighty hand,
The creator over all,
The God of all the universe,
He is in full control.

Who was it taught Him how to make
the stars and planets vast?
Who instructed Him in just designs
His creation to control?

In the hollow of His mighty hand
Beginning and the End
Eternally He is supreme
The Sovereign Lord of All.

R. Neilly