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He has Risen! Reasons to believe – Part 2


The second piece of evidence to support the resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ comes from examining some of the things that He did during His life. Seven hundred years before Jesus was born, the prophet Isaiah (Chapter 9 v 6) said Jesus would be called “Wonderful Counsellor.” This was originally written in Hebrew, and the literal English translation is “one who will arise and bring resolution by doing marvellous, miraculous things.” In reading the Gospel writers, we discover that Jesus, time after time was faced with problems that men and women could not resolve. But Jesus could! That was why people followed Him on His travels through Israel. That was why people found ways of bringing the needy to Him, or getting close to Him themselves. That is why, when Jesus spoke or did something, time after time it is recorded that those who heard or saw “marvelled” or “were amazed” or “were astonished.” It was because he brought resolution to problems in ways that were marvellous and miraculous. The miracles of Jesus demonstrated that He had power over problems that no one else could resolve.


There are several areas in which Jesus demonstrated this power. Please take time to read fully the references provided.  The first area that Jesus had power over was disease. People who were sick either came or were brought to Jesus, and it is recorded on many occasions in all four Gospels that people were amazed as he restored hearing, gave sight, cured leprosy and made lame people walk.


Secondly, Jesus demonstrated that He had power over demons. There are occasions where people were brought to Jesus because they were completely out of control because of their struggles with demons. Mark chapter 5 v 1 -20 gives account of a man who was uncontrollable. He lived naked in a cemetery, terrorised the neighbourhood and harmed himself in an awful way. Men had tried to bring a resolution to the problem by tying him up – but he kept breaking out of the ropes! But when Jesus dealt with him, we read that he was “sitting clothed and in his right mind” (verse 15). Little wonder it is recorded that the people marvelled at what Jesus had done.


Thirdly, Jesus had control over nature. He intervened in natural processes in ways that were impossible for men. He was able to turn water into wine (John Chapter 2 v 1 – 12), feed at least five thousand people with a packed lunch of five loaves and two fish (Mark Chapter 6 v 30 – 44; Luke Chapter 9 v 10 – 17), walked on water (Mark Chapter 6 v 45 – 56) and controlled the wind and waves in a storm (Mark Chapter 4 v 35 – 41; Luke Chapter 8 v 22 – 25). Yet again, people were amazed and marvelled at these things.


Finally, Jesus demonstrated that He had power over death. There are three occasions when Jesus was confronted with people who were dead. In reading these accounts, there is no dispute that the people involved were physically dead. The first was a young girl of twelve (Mark Chapter 5 v 21 – 43; Matthew Chapter 9 v 18 – 26; Luke Chapter 8 v 40 – 56). Her parents had accepted she had died and were distraught with grief. The second was a man, the son of a widow woman (Luke Chapter 7 v 11 – 17). He was in his coffin, en route to be buried. The mourners were following the procession, so there was little dispute that he was dead. The third was a man called Lazarus (John Chapter 11 v 1 – 44), who had been dead for four days, and already had been buried, so there was no dispute, he was dead. Onlookers commented that his body would smell with decay. Yet it is recorded that Jesus brought resolution to the lives of each of these individuals and their families in a marvellous and miraculous way, by raising them to life again.


Jesus said of Himself in John Chapter 10 v 17 – 18, “I lay down my life that I may take it again. No one takes it from me, but I lay it down myself.  I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again.”


For men and women, death is final! There is no solution, no resolution and no power that can overcome it. But for the Son of God, Jesus Christ, death was something that He had complete power and authority over, and people marvelled that He could raise the dead. He did this as evidence that death was no obstacle to Him. His claim that He would take up His own life again after death was no hollow statement without substance, but a claim, based on prior evidence as proof that it would happen. The miracle of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead fits exactly the same pattern as all the other miracles He performed. It was resolution to a problem that men had no power over, demonstrated in a miraculous and marvellous way. It is astonishing! It is amazing! It is marvellous!

The evidence from the life of Jesus, in His power and authority over death is reason to believe that He is risen! Jesus is alive!