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"Does your church help people?"


A few years ago I stood outside a Stevenston church chatting to a friend, when a man came up to us and asked; “does your church help people?”  He said his name was John, he was 26, and he had been an alcoholic since he was about 16. He had never got into drugs, but alcohol had taken him to prison many times, self harming, and many other problems. John was not looking for money, but help, to get out of the trap he was caught in. He had already got advice from social workers, the police, probation service, doctors and medical people, etc., but it had not helped. 

We talked for quite a long time. We told him Jesus could help him better than anyone else. Jesus could release him and change his life for the better. John could not accept that that kind of help was what he wanted. 

So does Townhead Christian Fellowship help people? I’m tempted to say “come and see!” But the answer must be “yes”, even if the main service we provide is introducing people to the Lord Jesus. 

Visit a Sunday morning service, and you will find about 60 people worshipping God, and giving praise because of the benefit they know in their lives through what Jesus did, in dying on the cross to save them from sin, and rising from the dead.   Call in on any Sunday evening and probably more people will be present singing praise and listening to preaching, encouraging faith in Jesus and God who do help people in amazing ways.  Go to the Friday Coffee Morning and find a warmth of friendship, a hot drink and goodies to eat, and people who care for each other 

If someone comes to TCF hungry they may get a bite to eat, lonely - they will find friends, with problems they want to solve - they will get advice or help, asking for money - that is not the help that is given. 

I think you could also say that TCF helps people through their members’ lives outside the building in Townhead Street.  Some have (will have or have had) careers as doctors, nurses, teachers, social carers, etc.. There are members who have been fostering children, visiting prisoners, and sitting on the children’s panel. Others care in less notable ways, but they do help people.

As representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ and God, the Heavenly Father, the answer is yes we do help people, but while we do what we can, we do have limitations. However, God is greater than us all. He has the answer for all our needs, and through His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, God will help anyone who calls to Him with faith.

Whatever your problem – call to the Lord – there is an answer!

And you don’t even need to come to TCF!  (But you would always be welcome!)

What happened to John? I do not know. He was not able to give contact details that evening and we agreed to meet up at a place and time he suggested, but he was not there. So I last saw him walking off with his two carrier bags of cans.

“There’s only hope in trusting Jesus”