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Divided Opinion


Ever since The Lord Jesus Christ broke on the scene at His baptism by John the Baptist He has been subject to divided opinion by many who come across Him in any way. He witnessed this when He asked the disciples who people said He was – the answers were varied and in some respects didn't make much sense – Some said He was -
  • John the baptist – who had recently been beheaded
  • Jeremiah – on old testament prophet
  • Elijah – another prophet who had been taken straight to heaven without dying
  • Or one of the other prophets
It was obvious the people didn't know Him so they made things up. Peter had spent time with Him – he had seen the things Jesus had done and heard the things He said. His opinion was absolutely right – "He was the Messiah, The Son of The Living God".
Things are no different today – Jesus still is subject to divided opinion. Jesus actually told the disciples this when He sent them out when He was alive on the earth that this would be the reaction they would get. Brothers would betray brothers, Fathers and sons, children and parents. If you have a conversation about Jesus today – many will have a view. They might even be very adamant that they are right – in most cases when you scratch the surface of their view it is based on what they think. Most never take the time to find out what He is like or read about the things He said or did.
Bearing in mind the impact of His death – it changed our calendar. It is even more remarkable when you recall that He was born into abject property, was never educated at college or university and lived in a part of the world which was very insignificant in relation to the Roman Empire at that time. This in itself would warrant a second look.
Over this week in the TCF blog we will do just that. When Jesus died on the cross there were various individuals who were involved in the story -
Peter – one of his disciples
Mary – his mother
Judas – the disciple who betrayed Him
The Centurian – the man responsible for overseeing the crucifixion
The thief – on of the men crucified at the same time as Jesus
Pilate – the person responsible for the mock court and His sentence of death &
Nicodemus – A ruler at the time Jesus was alive who became a christian
They all had different experiences and the cross made a very clear impression on their life – some missed the point of the death of Jesus with tragic consequences. Others were never the same again – they had been to the Cross and realised who Jesus actually was.
We hope you enjoy this Easter's blogs. We would love you to meet the realJesus was just like some of the people we will focus on over the week.
If you want to hear more about Him check out the times of our Youth Night and Praise nights this weekend. They are all on at 7.30pm - Friday (Youth Night) and Sat & Sund – Praise Nights.
Life begins at Easter.