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Today, 8 April 2012, Jesus is Alive!


Say it out loud... Jesus is alive! ...How did it sound?... Truthfully now... how did it sound?

Imagine saying it at work, school, uni, to your neighbor. To someone you know; someone who knows who you are. Just saying I believe Jesus is alive!

How do you feel now? ... “I can’t do that. They’ll think I’m daft. I’ve lost it. Talking nonsense!”

Some women tried it once, said it to men they knew, men they lived beside, men they worked beside… but... they didn’t believe... “their words seemed to them like nonsense.”

Rough tough men they were, hard-nosed realists... What else did they expect?

Only... these men… had been known as Jesus’ disciples!!!??

When Mary and the other women told the apostles that Jesus was alive

 “it seemed to them like nonsense.” (Luke 24 v 11 NIV)

Let’s not be surprised or upset when people laugh at the thought of Jesus rising from the dead. That was the first reaction of those who knew him best, men he actually told he was going to rise again.

Things changed... boy did they change!      

How?    ... They met him for themselves.

Peter went to check the facts for himself and… “wondered to himself what had happened.”

Two others talked about “everything that had happened” as they walked to Emmaus.

Thomas was just hanging about with those who had already met him.

Jesus revealed himself to them all.

Our job is not to try and persuade people that Jesus is alive..........He is alive.

We just need to: Share the facts. Talk about “everything that happened” and Make sure people who’ve not met him yet can hang about with us.

Then “their eyes will be opened” and they will “recognize him.”

It’s not just about knowing Jesus is alive it’s about knowing Jesus.

David R