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What a week!


Have you every started your week and when you look at your diary and thought what a week? Sometimes for all sorts of reasons we have difficult weeks ahead of us and wonder how we will get through them.

Today starts the anniversary of a week, which was Jesus last week around Jerusalem before HE rose from the dead. I don’t think anyone would disagree that it was a very difficult week. Unlike you and me though, He know all that would take place as He rose from sleep that particular Sunday all those years ago.

He knew what He would find in the Temple – His house of prayer. Over the week how the religious rulers would treat Him. How He would be rejected by the world and put to death on a cross. His agony in the garden as he thought of what He was going to go through. The terrible experience of being forsaken on the cross – something that He had never experienced ever! And still he headed toward Jerusalem that Sunday.

Over this week we will look at some of the days He went through culminating in His death on the cross and next Sunday – the glorious resurrection. Jesus is Alive!!!!!

On the first day of that last week Jesus went to the temple – He went there a lot during that last week. Earlier He had been welcomed to the city by all the people – they cried out as he entered the gates of the city – “Hosanna! Blessed is He that cometh in the name of The Lord. Blessed be the kingdom of our Father, David, that cometh in the name of The Lord. Hosanna in the highest. 4 days later they would be shouting Crucify Him! We have no King but Caesar!

The welcome Jesus received on the Sunday was prophesied hundreds of years before – indeed so many of the things Jesus went through this week were foretold in the bible – some of them thousands of years before they happened. He was no ordinary man. 

You know, things really haven’t changed much in the world we live in. We like to think about Jesus as the baby in the manger, the Jesus that said so many wise things. We like to think about our “religious holidays” like Christmas and Easter as long as we remember them the way we want to but in reality there is nothing for God in our lives.

Jesus is man but at the same time He is truly God. He is the creator and sustainer of the universe but at the same time He went all the way to Calvary to die for you and me – what a Saviour. Are you like the fickle crowd who like to think about Jesus on your terms – one minute they are shouting Hosanna to him – the next they don’t want anything to do with him. They would rather He was dead. 

Hopefully this week, you will get to hear more of what Jesus did and who He is. Let us know what you think?

Don’t forget our Praise Nights next weekend on Saturday and Sunday night as we celebrate Jesus is Alive!.