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Right or Wrong


Jesus said, “I am The Way, and The Truth and The Life. No one can come to the Father except through me”

When you think about the world we live in that’s a pretty radical statement. When you consider the time Jesus said this and the society He was part of at the time – it was enough for Him to be put to death as far as the religious establishment was concerned at that time.

We live today, in a very diverse and multi cultural society in the UK. There was a debate a few months ago at the start of the redefinition of marriage debate as to whether the UK was still a Christian country. For the record I don’t know what a Christian country means – I think I know what people are referring to but there is no concept of a country being Christian in the New Testament. When someone is a Christian it’s a personal and individual experience that involves a spiritual birth – something that takes place with repentance and putting their total trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Where you live has nothing to do with a personal faith in God.

Anyway back to my reason for this blog.

When there is any discussion about faith or what you believe – which is rare in Scotland. People really don’t feel comfortable even discussing these things. Many will say “I have my own faith” Some will say “I don’t really know” and a lot these days will certainly indicate they don’t believe anything – as far as they are concerned they will tell you “There is no God”.

The thing is, the statement I introduced this blog with is so absolute, so pointed. It leaves no room for personal opinion or grey area. Either Jesus Christ is the only means of salvation and redemption or he is an imposter and every Christian is deluded and to be pitied.

He is either right and needs to be followed – the alternative to the individual if Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life is truly awful.

Or He is wrong & Christianity is a total myth along with the rest of the bible and all it says. It’s simply a work of fiction like all other books.

This is my point – although we don’t really discuss the bible and our faith in the UK how can anyone decide Jesus is wrong without actually looking into what He is saying.  I’m not talking about what you think it says or what is commonly believed about religion or church. I’m certainly not talking about church attendance or you trying to be religious. Far from it!

If you have taken the time to look into what Jesus is asking of us and have decided that it’s not for you, I respect that. It’s the reasoning of an intelligent person to look into something for yourself and then made an informed decision.

Any other approach when you consider the radical statements Jesus made and the extent to which He went to, does not make sense. He willingly went to the cross and gave his life as a sacrifice – this in itself deserves our attention.

We have arranged 2 services over the Easter Weekend at Townhead Christian Fellowship. The web address is The time of each service is 7.30pm both Saturday and Sunday night. This would allow you at least to hear what Jesus is saying and make up your mind for yourself. 

We are also very aware that walking into a place where you don’t know many people can be quite a daunting experience. These meetings are held for the specific purpose of allowing anyone to come along and listen. There will be many people at both meetings who don’t normally visit TCF. If you’re free it would be good to see you along.