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Well? Did you experience the Roofdiggers Weekend in Stevenston this year?


The weekend has finally come to a close (for some of us) after 4 days of Roofdiggers in Stevenston. There have been so many highlights of the weekend as I look back and personally reflect on the weekend. In no ranking order they are;

 The Truth was preached faithfully;

Over the various meetings, in the open street, via the web, in bus adverts & in the written word The Truth was proclaimed in the Stevenston area. People will now need to make up their own minds. Do they accept the Truth or go on believing the lie. Go on accepting the kind of life that always leaves us asking for more & never addresses the problem of sin or take God at His Word. This is the work of The Holy Spirit now and I will leave it there. TCF are praying people who heard The word will realise the Truth and take Christ as their Saviour.


The praise and worship from the Praise Nights was fantastic;

Sometimes as a christian I get so used to what God has and is doing in my life – I very much take it for granted. It was great to focus all our attention and singing on my Lord Jesus and what He has done. The singing was just fantastic over the weekend. Both praise nights were brilliant but Sunday night in particular was a stand-out. Despite what we’re like – He has done all things well. He has placed my feet on higher ground and has given me a new song. He deserves all the praise and the glory.


The number reached with the Gospel;

Over 4000 leaflets distributed. All Stagecoach buses in the area carrying God’s Word. The Open Air Services in both towns but in particular Saltcoats.  Over 500 people in the Hall over the weekend. Many from the 3 towns at the meetings and many new contacts made as a result of the weekend’s outreach. Our simple prayer in the lead up to the Weekend was that God would speak loudly in the area. I can confidently say that He answered our prayer. Asking folk to sit on the platform, bunch up on the seats & make sure any free seats were called out was fantastic – this doesn’t normally happen when the Gospel is being preached!


The response of those helping;

The absolute resolve of everyone at the weekend, young and old working together for the sake of the Gospel was a real encouragement. From Friday morning all through to last thing Monday evening we toiled together. It was an Easter Bank holiday weekend. Families could have been away all weekend on holiday but they chose to get involved with the Roofdiggers weekend with enthusiasm & a real joy. The enthusiasm for the whole event was tangible, it was real – you can’t mimic this. From the work in the kitchen, the band, the singing, the preaching – even the BBQ this afternoon – We did it as to The Lord. Thank you to everyone involved.


The prayer meetings;

All through last week & over the weekend the prayer was real and we laid hold of God. To hear old and young alike just praying with a focus that sometime eludes our formal prayer meetings was such an encouragement. God delights to answer prayer!


A personal appreciation;

The is a very personal highlight (but I think others will agree), hearing Karen, Jennifer, Sarah & Sophie sing together for their Saviour at the open air in Saltcoats and witness the street coming to a standstill – will last with me for a very long time. No need to worry about Britain’s Got Talent – TCF’s has Talent. Just keep singing for your Saviour girls!

Well I’m signing off from the Roofdiggers blog for this year. I hope you have enjoyed them. Our next Praise Night is on the 15th of May. The speaker is a guy called Paul Coxall from Aberdeen. If you’re free I would encourage you to come along. You will hear Words that will give life!

One last point – shortly we will have a slide show from the weekend as well. Keep a look out.