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Lord Teach us to pray!


This was the request of one of the disciples to The Lord Jesus when he was with them after He had prayed (Luke 11). What an amazing request!

The Lord Jesus said to His disciples “Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” James in his letter near the end of the new testament said “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective”.

For the Christian prayer is the means by which he/she can speak to God. It is vital and crucial in our relationship with God. Without prayer we are just a group of people who meet like any other club or association.

As a church we have been meeting for prayer each night as we prepare for the Roofdiggers Weekend. We do this because we are powerless to effect anything. We think it’s vital that our local community hears the true message of the Gospel & the Easter message. There has already been many invites personally given to individuals to come along to the meetings. There will be thousands of invites given out over a whole variety of methods this weekend. Through doors, at various open Air services, via Facebook and personally by many in our church. Our simple prayer is that God saves individuals over this weekend. That God’s voice is heard in the 3 towns over everything else that will go on in our community.

The prayer meetings have been fantastic. Have you ever been in a room and conscious of God’s presence. Aware that He was with us and present as we strived to lay hold of Him. You might be reading this and having a bit of a laugh – laugh away. It matters not one bit that people think we are mad. What matters is our total dependence on God. Without Him we will just have a busy weekend. With Him – something for eternity can be achieved.

I have a definition of madness which might differ from yours – living your life for yourself and leaving God on the sideline. Ploughing all my effort into things that run out and never last. Putting more emphasis on things that are transient and never really satisfy compared to living for God and preparing for eternity! Jim Elliot said “He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose” He lost his life living for Jesus & thousands found Christ as a result of his sacrifice.

The Easter message with be preached in all the meetings in TCF this weekend. Will you come along and hear words whereby you might be saved?

I really have no idea who is reading these blogs. Perhaps you’re already a christian and you are rejoicing in The Lord as you do. Perhaps you are reading the material with a heavy heart knowing you used to run well for Jesus and for whatever reason you are far from your Saviour right now. Maybe you are reading this stuff over recent days and it is totally new to you. Whatever your situation why not come along and hear the message. Even better tell Him you’re sorry and He will answer your prayer. Jesus is given all the praise and we will simply preach a message which is powerful and able to change your life. What’s more important than this?

We hope you can make it. We are praying that you will.