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Have you ever wondered how?


It’s dead easy to mock or criticise something without actually looking into the detail. It happens all the time in the media with people taking positions to condemn something, without taking the time to know the full truth. People flock to join the crowd - the mentality being, the majority are normally correct. As a Christian, my perspective is, that this happens all the time with the bible or The Lord Jesus. It’s trendy and something the crowd always do when asked their opinion about Jesus. Despite the fact that most don’t really know too much about Him or His teachings.

I have to admit that as Christians we don’t help ourselves. Very often we do the exactly same things when asked about something. We take our “denominational and traditional views” without looking into the particular issue with any great detail. Maybe we have a lesson to learn and not be the first to cast stones – I’m sure Jesus said something about this. John chapter 8 if you’re interested. We Christians have a lot to learn!

When it comes to Jesus and His message when He was here on earth (aside from scripture this is a historical fact by the way!). Have you ever wondered how an individual born into a poor family in one of the worst parts of Israel has had such an impact on the world we live in? How this individual with no modern method of communication, no political party and no apparent physical means has been at the head of one of the fastest growing religions over the past 2000 years. Please note I am not talking about any particular church or denomination here but the universal church which is His body.

How an individual with no university or recognised training could teach what He did from the sermon on the mount in Matthew 5,6 & 7? – teaching that no-one had ever heard before, teaching that’s recognised by any who take the time to read it as revolutionary and as up-to-date as our daily newspaper.

How someone by dying on a cross could have the impact He has had on this world – our diary originates from his death, our laws are based on the teachings from the bible. A lot of the changes for good in our society stem from individuals who have been motivated and influenced by those who followed Christ. The abolition of slavery, much of our charitable work and missionary work across the world are good examples.

When Jesus was alive – the establishment of the day just saw a carpenter. To them He was only the “son” of Mary & Joseph. Someone who was poor and from a place like Nazareth. Our modern day society is really no different from the religious leaders who were about in Jesus’s day. In fact, they were having a debate about Jesus and they were prepared to make a fool of those who were following Him, prepared to curse them. Nicodemus stood up for Jesus in this situation and said “Does our law condemn a man without first hearing him to find out what he is doing?”

This question from Nicodemus is exactly what our Easter weekend meetings at TCF are about. They are an opportunity for people who don’t really know much about Jesus to find out a little more to help them make a reasoned decision about who He is.

If you are wondering what I think in relation to the question how – Jesus is the Eternal Son of The Eternal God. He is The I Am of the bible, The First and The Last, The Alpha and Omega. His visit to this earth, His death, burial & glorious resurrection was part of God’s perfect plan. His ascension marked the start of God day of Grace, The establishment of his Church and the gates of hell will not overcome it. Just in case you thought I was sitting on the fence.

Find out more at TCF this Easter Weekend. 7.30pm on the 23rd & 24th of April.