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Christianity Explored


Possibly one of the world’s greatest explorers was Christopher Columbus. Famous for his voyage from Spain in 1492 to discover the Americas on a quest to circum-navigate the world. There is no doubt on the start of his voyage he really had no idea what was going to be encountered. Despite this, his desire for knowledge & his quest for adventure drove him to embark on the journey – despite the dangers and the potential for loss of life. His determination resulted in him crossing the Atlantic 4 times which would was no mean feat more than 500 years ago. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t playing drafts on deck or making use of the on-board Jacuzzi on the Santa Maria. It would be a journey with peril and great risk.

The word “explore” conveys a sense of adventure and unknown. The idea that you don’t really know what you will come across or experience at the start of the journey. Just like Christopher Columbus. You might think the words Christianity & Explored are strangely put together but in reality it conveys just exactly what more people experience when they first read the bible for themselves.

Most people when you discuss the bible or Jesus think they know everything. They may say things like “I have my own religion” or “I go along to my own church”. The most common answer these days is “Oh I don’t believe all that rubbish”. The fact is The Lord Jesus Christ stands above the whole of creation. God has given Jesus all authority & power. Without Jesus nothing in this world would exist – because he spoke and brought this world into existence. Despite this He came to give His life for you and me just over 2000 years ago. The creator of the universe wants each of us to meet and get to know him – And yet most think He is irrelevant or don’t think He even exists. Most people will dismiss the bible without ever taking the time to get to know what it has to say  - when you bear in mind the message this is extremely foolish. In fact Jesus said “The fool has said in his heart no God!”

Over this weekend there are a couple of events planned to help individuals look more into the message of the bible. To get to explore this person called Jesus.

The first is planned for Sunday Night the 16th Jan at 6.30pm. We have organised a Praise Night where Hamilton Welsh from Kilwinning is speaking. If you’re free we would love to see you along at the meeting.

The second is a course we are starting to run on the 18th of Jan at 7.30pm. It’s called Christianity Explored and it will run over the next few weeks. It’s a great way for people to get to know what the bible really teaches along with others who are there for the same purpose. There will be no singing or pressure to join a church. We are simply looking to point men and women in the Stevenston area to the Jesus described in the bible.

Jesus gave up everything including His life to allow you to get to know Him. What are you prepared to give to Him?

Christopher Columbus experienced a lifetime of journey and discovery – because he was brave enough to explore the things he did not know. What do you know about this person we love called Jesus? Are you prepared to listen to a world that doesn’t know him to form your opinion? Better that you form your own opinion and truly discover that He is before all things.