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Mboji Stings and Jack the Ladies Man


Today began with breakfast at eight “rising up back on our feet”, except for Theiago who was up at 6:30 helping Jonathan build the foundation for his workshop and preparing for more bricks. This involves digging sand from a huge hole now twice the size of a man. Apparently his team can produce 4 bricks a minute and have now reached a total of 1010 bricks out of a quota of 3000. Theiago has now finished his last brick as we are travelling next week, he is sad, “all in all its just another brick in the wall”.

We then met at 10:00 for our first P.E lesson with the younger children. Stu B and myself taught volleyball (with posts I fitted in might I add). Jim (dad), Stu W, Theiago and Ruth H taught rounders. Finally David and Jack taught football skills, “wave your flag”, (with the goal posts David made). This was fantastic, getting to know all the children and really having a brilliant time.

After lunch it was time for P.E lessons with the older kids, rougher this time, “let’s get physical”. This brings me to Jacks adventures. A few days ago some boys approached Jack with a girl who was clearly embarrassed, they said “she like you” pointing at Jack. Well, today Jack had a full squad of girls surrounding him at football training clearly “he’s a woman’s man no time to talk”. This has earned him his new nickname, Casanova.

We are in the process of giving nicknames for the whole group. Thieago and Casanova you’ve heard already. David “the translator”, with his “cool” Portuguese phrase book. Welshy the palaeontologist, as he likes to bury dinosaur sprinkles in his angel delight and then discover them. An aside here he wishes his mum a “happy birthday” and promises her a huge present when he gets home. The Beckster, self explanatory. More on following nights.

Later a group headed down to the ram Jonathan had installed and decided to hunt for snakes. A ram is a hydraulic pump by the way. On the way back Thieago and Casanova were “land rover surfing” which is standing up on the back of the land rover to prove how manly they are. To finish the day we had a fantastic tea at the Singletons and David the translator made a new friend in the form of a grasshopper.

This morning we read Colossians ch 1 and were reminded that the Lord created all things and is the sustainer of all things. This encouraged us that the answer to all the problems here and back home is “Christ in us, the hope of glory” and challenged us that in all the areas of our own lives and in all things “he should have the pre-eminence “. As the song says “Jesus, be the centre”.

If you’re wondering why I am writing the blog, and not my father as usual. He received a bad bite from a mboji (which is a big scary hornet) and barely survived. He is struggling on though and should be writing again soon. In the meantime keep praying for us and thanks for reading.

Gareth A