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Women’s Conference with a difference – An idea


During the week there’s a women’s conference at the church in the village with over 100 staying in the houses, just behind where we are sleeping. Each day they have a meeting and then they cook together before singing into the wee small hours.

I say with a difference because of what they do during the break. They all come out and help us with the road work by putting the ant hill dirt on the road for us to run over with the JCV. I wondered if this is something we could import to Scotland. At the next conference the women could go out to do something interesting like say wash the cars or similar important task. I appreciate this may prompt some balanced comment at the appreciation of my humour but what else is a blog for?

We had a really busy and long day today with probably our warmest day of our trip. Stewart B added welding to his skills which was impressive bearing in mind just how hot is was. 1st half of the football pitch was completed by Gareth & David. Jamie sorry Thiago was up really early and during the day was brick making/plastering & labouring to Jonathan. Jack was helping with hole digging for the football pitch and then spent the whole afternoon with the kids playing football. At the end of the game they asked him for his shirt, shorts and trainers – must be a tradition in Angola. Stewart W and I were involved in road building the whole day.

We have caused a bit if a stir with the women at the women’s conference for another reason. The shower which we use at the end of the day is just behind our house. Which is fine but it happens to be in front of the cooking/social area for the women’s conference. As we wash off the dust and grime of the day’s work in a cold shower we have about 70+ women looking on. Tonight as Thiago was showering the some women came along screwed open the hose pipe for some water and left him with soap running all over.

I think because of the heat, cramped sleeping conditions and that fact that we are thousands of miles from home some of us were tired and a bit grumpy last night. We were reminded in our reading this morning from David what Paul said from a roman prison cell. “In all things give thanks”. Once again God brings perspective when sometimes we have lost it.

I just wanted to say thanks for everyone’s comments and responses. They are a real encouragement to all 7 as we work 5000 miles away from home. Please keep them coming as they really brighten our evening as we read over them.

Jim A