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Starlight and amazing singing


I am conscious that our blog is full or superlatives but each day we come across some amazing sights. Before I go over some highlights let me summarise what we did today.

Jack painted the bell frame – honest Pamela he used a brush and we have the photograph. Gareth/Jack & David - finished the volley ball courts. They then started the football pitch which will also involve us all tomorrow. Jack and Jamie also hung a clock for the school. Now we can all tell the time. Stewart finished off the mossie nets and moved to legs for the fusbol. Although judging by the number of kids playing the game he has no chance. Stewart W moved to brick making and Jamie\Gareth & moi were road making again.

Jamie has been complaining that there is not enough in the blog about his brick making. To be honest nobody cares – it is hard to get excited about making bricks. Especially after your 15th brick. What is more exciting is Jamie’s new name. The Portuguese for James is Thiago. Jamie has taken to this and thus from henceforth he will be known to all who love him as Thiago. Maybe his mum will still call him Jamie. You will be glad to hear that this will be the last I personally write about brick making.

Jonathon asked Stewart & me to go to a neighbouring village to fix their water pump (known as a RAM). It was an adventure from start to finish. We went to the village and the land rover got stuck on the way down to the river. All our mobiles were out of signal so someone needed to walk for help. Jonathon and me went with the folk in the village to fix the pump. I should clarify here that Jonathon fixed the pump. I took some photographs and switched the generator on for Jonathon to cut the pipe. Stewart walked from the village for 40 mins with 2 children to get help. Eventually we got the landrover pulled from it’s hole by a lorry. As we fixed the pump we were standing in beating sun for about 3 hours. Big hand to Stewart for his long walk.

You maybe wondering why Starlight and amazing singing? Let me explain. Just before we came into Saurimo from the school, the school children joined some of our group as they played guitars. They then stated to sing to us and, for me it has been the highlight of the trip so far. We have it recorded on Jack’s IPhone .

Lastly – as we were just about to get into the land rover to leave the school, our torches were off and there was no artificial light and no light pollution. Someone noticed the sky and we all looked up. It took our breath away. Then I remembered – “He made the stars also”. As we gaze at God’s handywork I was reminded that at the end of the 4th day when he had already made the sun and the moon, He finished off his perfect work with the stars that sparkle in our sky.

Let me finish with this. I found out from the comments yesterday that Pamela Beck is finding out about the blog each night because Ruth Brown is phoning her and reading the detail over the phone. This being the case I would just like to say – Pam – Stew loves you and he misses you very much. O and by the way he also snores!!!