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Angel Delight and things we take for granted


Last night for pudding we were served Angel Delight which I have not had since I was a teenager. It was fantastic. Actually everything we have eaten thus far has been great - It must be something to do with all the work we are doing and the fact that the children round the school would never turn their nose up to any food.

It struck us today that there are so many things that go on around us that we don’t really notice. I have been around the school for 3 days and I have not heard one complaint from any child. When I think about it I have not seen 1 one child in a temper because they are not getting their own way! I will leave you this thought as I describe what we got up to.

We had a ball of a day. Gareth, David & Jack built a metal frame for a bell for the school and finished the first volley ball court – poles, nets and all. Stewart B finished the Mossie nets for our house (sorry lodge just in case Ruth & Natalie are reading this.) Jamie created another 241 bricks to today which means they now have 320. Stewart Welsh & I had a superb day. It started with driving landrovers with about 10 kids in each trip going for ant hill dirt to repair the road. Stewart W continued this in the afternoon while I got to drive a JCB to flatten the road. What a day!!!!

I am not sure how many people are reading this but I want to get serious for a moment. If anyone is reading this and they can help with the things we list please get in touch. If you know of someone who can help please pass this blog on? It would be great to help a fantastic school.

The school is in need of the following –

  • Maths Exercise jotters – the books people do their sums on
  • Worming tablets – It would be great to be able to help with a worming programme which would make so much difference to their quality of life. 


Two things, which I am sure you will agree we take for granted in the UK. Two things, which are relatively cheap and easy to supply! Two things, which make things so much easy for Ruth and the team involved with the school.

Just in case you think we are being too serious I will finish with this. David & Jack did turn up for the service this morning. When I get to the UK I will be paying a visit to the barbers and ask her to prepare her sharpest razor!!! One final point to this anecdote! Ruth Singleton told us that the service started at 5.00am. We all got up and arrived at the hall for the unearthly time. At 6.15am we heard a bell ringing which was the call for the church to gather together. Ruth conveniently forgot to tell us that they signal the start of the service by ringing the bell – we were 1 hour and 15 mins early. Thanks Ruth!

Jim A