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The likes of which we have never seen


Travel is pretty much the same when you go your hols irrespective of the mode of transport. You pack, you get your flight, you travel from the airport to where you are staying. That statement could be made for the 7 of us right up till we reached Luanda the capital of Angola. From this point on we have experienced something, the likes of which we have never witnessed.

The city of Luanda is just unbelievable. The smells, the driving, the contrast of the modern buildings and the plethora of shanty towns and the seeming endless stream of people wandering all over the street. It is like no other city I have ever seen.

Our mode of transport was 2 landrovers which were packed with our cases and plenty of food. We left at 8.30am in the morning and sat open eyed and open mouthed as we travelled through the city. As we headed from Luanda to Saurimo we saw spectatular scenery, poverty as I never imagned and driving from Mad Max beyond the thunderdome.

We arrived at Camundambala where the school is at 12.30am Sunday. We had been travelling for 16 hours in the landrovers and our rear ends were numb. The bumps and holes in the roads were huge.

Our first day was spent really planning our activity for the week. We did spend the morning making bricks for the workshop. Jonathon Singleton had a brick making machine and by about 1.00pm we had made about 30. Jonathon needs 3000 so a long way to go.

Tomorrow we help repair the road into the school and start the goal posts and volley ball posts for the school grounds.

The church has meetings in the school grounds every morning at 5.00am. Some of us are going to go along tomorrow. If Jack Beck and David Brown are there I am going to shave my head.

1st blog over. I will now have my sweet after my roast beef and yorkshire pudding at Ruth's.

Jim A