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Angola Shooting - 8th Jan 2010


I often think about how the families of the men killed are coping and what they are going through while the rest of the world reads about the story in the newspaper or sees the event reported in the news. It is easy just to treat what took place as a story rather than remember the tragedy these families are dealing with.

I was totally surprised by the reaction of folk here after the story broke in relation to our planned trip. I was on holiday the week of the shooting and I returned to my office on the 11th of Jan. Each of my team were basically assuming our trip would be off as a result of what took place.

There is no doubt that the enclave of Cabinda is a very violent and dangerous place to be. My understanding is that it is really still at war.

The good news is that we are still planning our trip. I recking Cabinda is about 180 miles north of the capital and more than 500 miles from Saurimo. We have no plans to be anywhere near Cabinda. It would be a little like cancelling a holiday in the South of France because someone was shot in Calais. The conditions (according to the press) in Cabinda are a "little different" from the rest of Angola.


Last night the Angola 8 met to plan more of our trip. The conversations last night were around flights & car hire (should really say 4x4). Seemingly in the capital we should never leave the vehicles unattended. We also spoke about our vaccinations (I really don't like needles) and the various ideas like back packing to help finance the trip.

2 great meetings so far with some crunch decisions to be made in about 2 weeks. Flight tickets to purchase & to get insurance in place.

Each time we meet I feel a little bit nearer our big adventure - with God.