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We have just returned from holiday in New York in the USA. I suspect it will be our last family holiday as our 2 are getting to the stage where it is not cool to go on holiday with your parents. Unusually for me I can’t sleep too well tonight hence the reason for writing this blog at a daft time in the morning. I could blame jet lag but I suspect it is a bit more than that.

2 things are keeping me from sleeping. I think on the positive slant they are helping me find a greater perspective.

The 1st, is just how unreal New York actually is. We spent most of our time in Manhattan. As well as doing all the usual sites, we spent a bit of time (mostly at the behest of my daughter) wandering around the shops in 5th Avenue. It just struck me tonight as I reflect on the 7 days we were there, just how “empty” the city is. It is an odd combination of Finance/TV and media advertising/decadence/multi-culturism and glitz. While we enjoyed the holiday I suspect, for someone in search of reality in their life it could be a very confusing and lonely place. Just in case I offend anyone from New York reading this, I am sure from a New Yorker’s viewpoint it is a great place to live.

The other matter in contrast to New York was waiting for me in an email when we got back from holiday. It was sent from a couple who are planning to be working for The Lord in Angola next year (Jonathan & Ruth Singleton). It was describing the work that is on-going in Saurimo with regard to a new school building being built, linking this up with a water supply and building a new road. It describes the progress being made since March and the plans in place over the next few months until their next visit.

All this going on in the same world where NewYork is. In the same world where I take driving on the road with my car for granted. In the same world where I turn on the tap and receive water without giving the delivery of this water a 2nd thought. In the same world where we take our schools and education as things that are just there. In all honesty I have never given the provision of my own education or my children as anything other than something that was to be expected – not a privilege

I have enclosed a photograph of the new school building which I have to say, even with my very poor construction knowledge, just looks fantastic. Some might say the bee’s knees although I am not sure Bees have knees but that’s a whole other blog!

It is easy to get hypnotised and distracted by all that this world can offer (I suppose New York for me is a great example of this) but the reality of life is found in what is done in a life lived for Jesus. He said “But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”.

I have written in blogs before about our reasons for going to Angola – I won’t go over these again. The more I read and find out about the work Ruth is involved in for The Lord in Angola the more I am convinced of this. The experience will challenge each of the parties perspective of what God can do with a life given over to Him.

Now that I have written this – hopefully I will be able to get some sleep.