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Angola - not a headline you see in the UK press



Crocodiles kill nine children in Angola


I was reading the MSN home page this morning and the headline about crocodiles caught my eye. The following story was on MSN today -

"Crocodiles have killed at least nine children and attacked several women in Angola's southern Kwanza-Sul province. The children, aged between ten and 16 years from the Amboim municipality, were killed over the past month as they approached the River Keve to collect water.
Local official Domingos Bento said the attacks have occurred ever since a water canal in Amboim was shut down. This forced local people to go to the crocodile-infested River Keve to collect water.
Crocodiles are ambush predators that spend a lot of time either immobile or gently drifting in river currents. But the reptiles, which can grow up to 4m long, can show a surprising turn of pace when stalking their prey."

You don't get headlines like this in the UK press. It also demonstrates some of the things I take for granted - like going to the tap for a drink of water which can be a life threatening event in Angola.

One other sobering fact came to me as I read the article. I am sure in Angola you don't get the kind of headlines that are so common place in our press. Stories that highlight just how cheap and flimsy life can be. Stories that are so obsessed with celebrity but in reality are so empty. Stories that reveal just how horrific and Godless our western society is.

I hope the task of getting a drink of water in Suarimo is not so hazardous. If it is I think we should send one of the young guys in the party for a drink - they can run faster than me.