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Angola? Why not do some work at home?


This is another question I keep getting asked when the conversation about Angola comes up. I guess it is a legitimate question to answer just in case we go on this trip simply for the trip and as a result the motives are wrong.

Three things come to mind when I take the time to stop and think about this.

  1. I firmly believe God is telling us to do this. He has his reasons and who am I to start questioning my Father and Saviour as to the reasons why? The circumstances around this trip and the connection we have made with Ruth right from the beginning are too compelling to be coincidence. If you are reading this and thinking God doesn't speak to people and I am a bit mad - I am not sure how to respond to you. God does speak in 2009. He is in control and he has a plan for the whole of the world. His Word is contained in the bible and with the help of the Holy Spirit he speaks to men and women all over the world today. Maybe you don't know God? The life He wants to give you is just a prayer away. Call out to the Lord and He will hear and answer you.
  2. For each of the individuals who are going we need to make sure we are living for God in Scotland before we step on a plane to work for God in Africa. This is something that is personal to each of our group and knowing them as I do I don't think anyone is on the trip for the "free lunch". On a sobering note I don't think you would chose Angola anyway. It would be great if God had called us to the Caribbean or New Zealand - but he hasn't!
  3. Maybe there is a better way? In Scotland we live in a society where God is rejected by the majority. Most run away from God while at the same time experiencing all sorts of hurt and pain as a result of living lives without him. Marriages are ruined, lives are wrecked with drugs/alcohol, morality is out of control and people are only interested in self. Sometimes as a society I feel we have run so far away from God we are just to far away to hear His loving call. We have exchanged the life God is willing to give us, for something we think is of value, but in reality as someone else has said long ago - it turns out to be empty and vanity.
While all this is going on in the UK God is changing the lives of millions across the world. The message about Jesus is life changing. His church is growing every day. Maybe God is wanting the group, leaving the shores of Scotland for 2 weeks, to see there is a different way to live for God. To show them that His message is still powerful and is able to change those who seek Him.

God has His reasons. I have a heavenly Father that knows when a sparrow falls to the ground. I am asked not to worry about these things - simply to seek Him 1st and His righteousness.

One of the problems about writing a blog is that I have no idea who is reading this. Or if anyone is reading what we are writing. If you are reading the Angola blog and you don't know Jesus as we do. Email us from Townhead's web site. Get in touch don't miss out on the abundant life God has for you right now!