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Please forgive the fact that I have up until now not contributed to this blog. There are many reasons, never having blogged before and not knowing what to say being probably the two most important. I was wondering what to put on and as always when stuck with one of life’s problems sought the answer in prayer. That answer came to me whilst in a prayer meeting last night (11/04/09).

Townhead Christian Fellowship were holding a youth night as part of the Roofdiggers Weekend our churches humble attempt to bring more people to Jesus. Many events are planned and in Gods will come to fruition. The youth night if we adults are honest created concerns. Would the invited youths cause problems within the hall, would our own youth have the strength and organisational skills to pull the event off, etc? All these fears and concerns were being mentioned sometimes openly and more indirectly within other prayers. This prayer meeting was taking place simultaneously with the youth night (we were at another location though so as not to cramp the youth’s style).

One member spoke of the sacrifice of “the Lamb” and how this freed us all. I had never before spoken openly in prayer at any meeting but thought back one year before, to when my journey started, and I attended the Sunday Praise night on Easter Sunday. The joy and blessings that my family have subsequently received are far too many to name. So I took a deep breath and prayed for the forth coming events of this weekend. Once as a family we were all in the position of being saved, we moved on and were baptised and at that time I gave a testimony on behalf of the family. At this time I spoke of working for God and bringing others to the realisation that Jesus is their own personal saviour.

This answered what to put on the blog. So why Angola? I would answer why not Angola!! God speaks to us and if we slow down enough and listen to the message we will hear. I promised myself on my Baptism night that rather than looking at requests for my time or assistance in Gods work from the view of am I free on that particular day or time, I would look at the request from the more positive, yes I can manage that outlook. A recent movie highlighted a man who stated he would only answer yes for a year; my understanding is it opened his world up no end. I am similar in a way to that man the only difference is that I intend to continue saying yes to the Lords work. This particular mission to Angola is a real privilege to be involved in and it is my son Jamie’s intention to attend with the group as well.

We have many mountains to climb. Flights, finances, internal travel arrangements to name just a few. However these are far outweighed by good that can be achieved. Personally the boys own adventure of going to Africa as part of a Christian group and not only visiting but carrying out the Lords work whilst there is a dream come true for me. I am aware that nothing happens that the Lord does not already know, and I am sure that many believers at some stage wonder why the Lord has chosen them to be saved. I know that this is the case with me, I can only open my life to him and hope that the purpose he has for me I fulfil. So far the journey has been laden with joy and blessings and I know that harder times may come. This trip may in its planning and execution may bring problems or may prove to be all plain sailing. We will find out in due course, the Lord already knows the path it will take and what we will gain from it.

So why Angola? Because he choose it and I listened. The skills I posses he gave me and now he has asked me to use them in his name. What skills they are I do not know but I am sure when I require them he will bring them to the fore. Will I benefit? Of course I will as will Jamie and the rest of the group. That is what a life following the Lord is, a benefit given to us by His grace, we know we do not deserve it, nor can we earn it, but when he calls us to duty we should follow and do our best to lift his name on high, where ever and when ever that call comes. Angola bring it on!