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The Enormous Crocodile?


Ruth Hadley replied to one of Jim's e-mails saying that she'd been reading the blog and one of the ideas they had was that we could construct an adventure training circuit for the school in Saurimo.

I must say that this idea particularly appeals to me, having a fairly keen interest in all things outdoors/adventure. Therefore, we will spend a bit of time looking at the possibilities in this regard. Oh, and Ruth, if you're reading this - we do want to see animals! Cheetah, Wildebeest, Lion, Giraffe...but if none of these were available I'd be happy with a Roly Poly Bird, or even an enormous crocodile! (Jim wants a cheetah, Jack a giraffe etc etc).

Seriously though, we're not really going to Angola to see animals, although that would be nice. And I suppose it would be stereotyping Africa to expect some sort of "Born Free" experience and have David Attenborough crawling out of the Pampas grass in front of us.

In a spiritual sense, however, lifting up the name of Jesus is what this journey is essentially all about. And practically? To be some sort of assistance to Ruth and others there. And most of all, to do what we can for our Saviour and for His glory.