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Angloa - is it that bad?


Since we have indicated a desire to travel to Angola we have had a list of problems and issues we will have to face. People are of course telling us this with very good intentions. Things like -

  • Travel difficulties
  • Poor choice of food
  • Lack of power
  • The impact of the past civil war
  • The spread of HIV
  • The problems we will face getting into the country
...and so the list goes on.

All of these are no doubt true and in reality I am sure we will come across a lot more problems which people haven't had the time to list. There are a few things which are certainly keeping me focused on the journey rather than be distracted by the difficulties.


  1. God has told us to go - our journey and our intention to go was a direct answer to prayer.
  2. I personally have a list of other things but to be honest once you realise the 1st one everything else doesn't really matter.


The one who told us to go knows what we will come across. He has our interest at heart and there is a purpose for our journey.

In the interests of balance I feel I need to give another view of the country of Angola though. I work next to a guy from South Africa and he has spent a few holidays in Angola. He describes a country of great beauty and something he will never forget.

He also talks about time not mattering and no-one really bothering about watches. When I consider how much of my life is dictated by time and meeting deadlines - I think Angola will be a welcome distraction.

One other thing which for me is the most compelling reason for making the trip. I get to spend to 2 whole weeks just working for God without anything else getting in the way. We are kind of early in the planning but I am sure Ruth will have a large list of things for the 8 of us to get involved in.

In answer to the question - no it is not that bad!