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ANGOLA - but in God’s timing!


I thought it would be a good idea to up-date everyone about our intended Angola trip to help Ruth Hadley in the various tasks she would like us to tackle. 

The numbers of our party are now sitting at 8. They are as follows:

Jim & Gareth A., Stewart & Jack B., David B. Jun., Jim & Jamie K. (TCF)
& Stewart W. (Kilwinning).

It was our hope to go this year but dates/circumstances have meant we need to postpone our visit until next year. The dates have now been agreed with Ruth as well. The new dates are the 24/7/10 - around the 7/8/10. We are now at the planning stage to prepare for the intended visit. It is clear that although we really wanted to go this year God had other plans and it is clear that we need to listen to Him.

Ruth is coming home at the end of the year, God willing. She is hoping to spend a weekend at TCF (nothing firmed planned yet) to allow her to get to know the 8 men who are going to descend on Saurimo ( the town from which Ruth operates ) next Summer.


We are now fully into the planning stage in terms of the transport and logistics. It is also worthy of note to say that if there is anyone else interested in joining our merry band there is still obviously plenty of time. The jobs Ruth has for us vary greatly from preaching to painting, football to helping in the library & fixing landrovers to teaching her students to play the guitar. I am sure that you have skills that she could put to good use.

The 8 of us would value your prayer. We will keep the Fellowship up to date with developments as we go through the year. It is just amazing to think that we can reach the Throne of God and ask Him to intervene in the lives and experience of individuals thousands of miles away. What an amazing God!