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About Us

Townhead Christian Fellowship was founded in 2004 from local churches which had been in the town for generations.

When we came together our aim was very simple. To take the Bible and put it into practice. The Bible is God's written word and so touches our individual lives, and guides the aims of the church in Stevenston.

We are a group of Christians who come together under the Name and Authority of Jesus Christ. We are active in the local community; spreading the good news that Jesus is alive today: offering new life to everyone who believes in Him.

What we believe - 

The basis of what we do and say is The Word of God. We have no other standing. The following is a summary of what we believe; everything is taken from the Bible: 

  1. The Bible was written by men as they were directed by the Holy Spirit. It is the infallible source of truth.
  2. The Godhead is composed of three persons - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, who are united to form the One True God.
  3. Man (Adam and Eve), was created by God but broke their relationship with Him by wilful disobedience of His commands (Sin). Since then all people have been sinners.
  4. The eternal Son of God came into this world by a virgin (Mary) by the power of the Holy Spirit, and lived a totally sinless life.
  5. He was called Jesus (Saviour) because He came to save sinners by His sacrificial death by crucifixion. After His burial He rose from the dead and returned to Heaven 40 days later.
  6. All those who genuinely repent of their sin and place their faith (trust) in the work of Christ on the cross and His subsequent resurrection receive the gift of everlasting life.
  7. At the same time each believer receives he gift of the Holy Spirit within them and their relationship with God is restored through new spiritual birth.
  8. All believers are expected to be baptised by immersion to symbolise their identification with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  9. Jesus will return soon and take all true Believers (dead and alive) to be with Him in Heaven but those who do not believe will ultimately suffer everlasting punishment in the lake of fire with the Devil and his angels.

What Denomination?

One of the questions we are always asked is: what denomination does TCF belong to? Who do we affiliate with? Are we Catholic or Protestant? 

While we understand the question we are happy to say that we don't affiliate with anyone and we don't belong to any organised or recognised denomination. The Head of our local Church is The Lord Jesus Christ, Himself. The authority that allows us to meet the way we do is the Bible. We simply seek to serve Jesus in our local community. As a result we are an independent church with no ties to any religion or body.

You might find some of our services a little different from most churches as a result. For example we don't have a priest or a minister leading the church. Every member of the church is equal in the eyes of God. There is only one mediator between God and man - the man Christ Jesus.

The members who make up TCF are baptised believers on the Lord Jesus Christ. Our qualification to be members of the church is the death, burial & resurrection of Jesus and His acceptance of us - nothing else. We have nothing of any value within ourselves. He is everything and we are nothing.

We hope this page has given you a better understanding of what TCF is like and the kind of things we get involved in. Our aim, our goal is to be an active part of the community: a place where people can come and feel welcome and loved. A place where God speaks and is visible in the lives of those who make up the church in Stevenston. 

We would love you to come along to the services and find out more for yourself. A fully functioning church is a place where people feel welcomed and accepted. Those of us who make up the fellowship in Stevenston have recognised there is nothing attractive about our lives - actually the opposite. Even though this is the case amazingly God still loves us and has accepted us on the basis of our faith and our repentance.

Should you wish to speak with us about the bible, your questions about faith or if you are interested in actually becoming part of the church. We would love to see you come along. The events page gives a bit of a summary of the services we hold. You can also contact us by clicking here.